Spa Packages

Each spa package includes a luxurious 10 minute foot soak, at least 30-45 minutes of blissful reflexology, and soothing hot towels. Choose from our complimentary TAZO Tea  to sip while you soak! 

   Asheville Getaway $54

Refresh and rejuvenate. Sink your tired feet into a wintergreen and bergmot essential oils based soak, including pacific detoxifying sea salts and pure Epsom salts. Followed by a 30-minute foot reflexology session, and soothing hot towels. (45 min) 

Peace & Harmony  $68

Get in touch with your inner peace with our soothing soak blend of lemongrass and chamomile essential oils, Himalayan pink sea salts, and pure Epsom salts. Enjoy a grounding 30-minute foot reflexology session as well as a 10 minute hand reflexology session. Followed by soothing hot towels to complete your harmonious experience. (55 min)

Serene Lounge $85

Come on in and enjoy this relaxing soak infused with Bergamot & Grapefruit essential oils, combined with detoxifying Epsom Salts. While soaking sip on our complimentary warm TAZO tea. Sit back and recline to your most comfortable settings and enjoy 60-minutes of foot reflexology. And complete your session with hot towels. (75 min)

Escape to Bliss  $105

Escape the ordinary with our signature blend of peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus essential oils, Himalayan pink sea salts, and Epsom salts. In addition, this soak includes jojoba oil and shea butter leaving your skin silky smooth. Escape to bliss as you are indulged in a 55-minute foot reflexology and 10 minute hand reflexology session. This bliss treatment is finished with soothing hot towels. (85 min) 

Couples Retreat $160 (per couple)

Come Experience The Extraordinary Together! This retreat includes a luxurious private room with the mood set to unwind. Soak your stress away with our enhanced blend of essential oils, including eucalyptus, rosemary, and clary sage. Amplified with nourishing avocado oil, Pacific sea salts, and pure Epsom salts promising the most hydrating and detoxifying experience. Relax and recline your settings as we treat you to a well deserved 45-minute foot reflexology session. Complete with soothing hot towels. (55 min) 

Sole Haven has Chocolate for special occasions such as a, BIRTHDAY or ANNIVERSARY (dark chocolate/milk chocolate).



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Sole Haven now offers a 20% discount to senior citizens 60+, medical & military when you choose from our regular menu! Enjoy!

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